Childrens clownClowns are comical performers, stereotypically characterized by their appearance: colored wigs, bold makeup highlighting the red nose, outlandish costumes, unusually large footwear, etc., who entertain spectators by acting in a hilarious fashion. Types of their acts vary greatly.

The Children's Entertainer's Clown sometimes entertains by walking on stilts, balloon bending or out of pocket magic. As the clown, the children's entertainer always makes mistakes and the kids adore assisting getting the magic to work, The clowning includes slapstick humour and music.

Complete with bright colourful costume, hat and boots the clown can be a white face traditional clown with bright curly wigs, or not, as is more the trend. The Childrens Entertainer's Clown performs a character Ringmaster type of clown combined with harlequin style and top hat.

Frameworks can be loose, including a general beginning and ending to the act, leaving it up to the clown's creativity to fill in the rest.

Whether the audience is young or old, whatever the event, a clown will spread cheer and laughter with his clown antics.

Childrens party and birthday entertainer

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