Comedy Clown Car

Jessica Jeap Clown CarThe Children's Entertainer's Comedy Car runs on battery powered direct current electric so there will be no problems with hot engine parts or exhaust fumes. Comedy Clown Car The only smoke is from a disco fog effect machine.

Clown car fun. If the event happens to be in a small village hall or the show is up on a theatrical stage book the Children's Entertainer's Jessica Jeap, a comedy car in miniature, two foot by three foot. Jessica is still big enough to be packed with fun and for a couple of children to climb aboard.

For birthday parties being held on football pitches rather than back gardens or Big Tops as opposed to party tents why not hire the children's entertainer's Comedy Clown Car, the Chuckle Brothers were the previous owners.

The clown car show starts with the children's entertainer in the role of the party clown driving the car around the arena, much waving of hands and blasts from the air horns.

Smoke then comes out of the bonnet and the children's entertaining clown gets out of the car to investigate. Help is sought by the Children's Entertainer in the way of an audience volunteer. The child helper unscrews the radiator cap and a spring snake shoots out of the radiator. As the Children's Entertainer puts the snake back it repeatedly springs out before the radiator cap can be replaced.

Eventually everything is put right and the Children's Entertainer makes a balloon model to give to the child in appreciation of the help given. Whilst thanking the child for helping the comedy the car rear bumper falls off. The Children's Entertainer goes around the back to have a look and the comedy car drives forward on its own chased after by clowning children's entertainer with rear bumper in hand.

The clown antics continue as the children's entertainer fits the bumper back on the car whilst the front bumper falls off. The children in the audience are encouraged to shout out pantomime style and tell the Children's Entertainer what is happening. As the entertaining children's clown goes around to the front of the comedy car and picks up the front bumper the clown car reverses way on its own.

The clown children's entertainer gets another child out of the audience to help fit front bumper and rear bumper. Eventually when both bumpers are back in place the clown offers the child a ride in the comedy car as thanks but as the clown car's door is open it falls off. As the clown replaces the passenger door, the driver's side door falls off.

Once the child and the clown are seated with booth doors closed there are blasts from the comedy car's air horns every time the child touches the clown's car, no matter where the child's hand falls on to the comedy car. This comedy car has a will of it's own driving the child forwards and backwards before the front row of the audience.

Next water squirts from the back of clown car into the watching children on the front row of the audience. The kids in the audience shout, pointing where the water is coming from out of the comedy car's boot and after the hole is blocked by a child's finger the water begins shooting out from the rear of the car. When the child moves from the front of the comedy car to the back and plugs the rear hole the water comes out of the bonnet.

After much clowning around the finale has both bumpers and both doors falling off at the same time.

Comedy Clown Car

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