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The entertainment is from start to finish so for an accurate price the children's entertainer will need to know what time the party starts and when it finishes.

At the party the children's entertainer can have the kiddies disco playing party music with flashing lighting effects throughout the whole birthday party or just to present that party mood to the guests as they enter before the start of the puppet theatre.

As the party DJ, the children's entertainer can keep the party swinging during the refreshment break by having the disco providing back ground music whilst the children eat their birthday tea.

In the role party deejay the Children's Entertainer turns down the disco lights as the children finish eating and plays the traditional 'Happy Birthday' for everyone to sing along to whilst the birthday child blows out the candles on their birthday cake. Having the birthday candles blown out in the middle of the party gives the birthday child's parents time to cut the birthday cake and pop a slice in party bags whilst the children watch the magic show. (party bags can be provided by the children's entertainer if required.)

The party disco can be brought into action again as the birthday party draws to a close and the invited children are given a balloon model, party bag and slice of birthday cake to take home with them. If any of the parents are delayed picking up their sons and daughters the children can stroke the little white rabbit the magician magically appeared and listen to the disco music whilst they wait.

Carlsbro Wanderer

For birthday parties held at home in the front room the children's entertainer uses an all in one complete portable PA system with retractable handle and wheels. This Carlsbro Wanderer has two microphone input sockets, two line level audio input sockets for CD, iPod, mini-disk or laptop and individual volume controls plus a master volume which makes this portable sound system a compact PA for puppet show, kiddies disco, magic show, background music for use in church halls and wherever compact all in one portable sound is needed. The children's entertainer's model of the Carlsbro Wanderer has a built in battery, in case there's no access to mains electricity at the party venue and a receiver for his headset radio microphone. The children's entertainer uses the headset radio mic so both his hands are free to stick up the puppets.

Disco Party Bag Fillers

The children's entertainer includes in the price of children's birthday party disco, for every child, a balloon model and if required an empty party bag (to put a slice of birthday cake in or fill with gifts) also included in the price for the birthday child a double feature 60 minute DVD of Hazel Witch and Curly Locks plus Punch and Judy.

Every child's party bag could have the puppet shows DVD in for £1.50 each. There are a range of party bag fillers to suit everyone's budget and tie in with the theme of the particular party. For example if the children are invited to a circus theme party pop set of juggling balls in each party bag for £1 per pack. The juggling balls come with an instruction sheet on how to juggle and a word search. Alternatively the children could come home from a disco party with a pair of glow sticks for 50p per pair. The disco light sticks join together to make a glow in the dark necklace or sperate as two bracelets.

Funky Fun Disco

With flashing lights and groovy sounds the children's entertainer puts the fun into a kids disco. For the primary school age children there are musical games and karaoke is available for the teenagers. All children love to sing along at a disco but it is the teenagers who can sight read fast enough to use the lyrics on the karaoke monitor screen. The children's entertainer can always lend a microphone to younger children who want to join in with there favourite pop song.

Radio Microphone

The Children's Funky Fun Disco has the DJ, dressed in costume clothes almost as load as the disco music, out on the dance floor with radio mic headset so the children will not trip over a microphone lead and keeping the hands free to demonstrate the actions for the party dances. A disc jockey at an adult dinner dance may get away with sitting down behind the mixer desk but when deejaying at a kid's birthday party the children's entertainer is out font organising musical games and competitions.


The professional PCDJ software is used on a laptop with a two hour playlist loaded in advance blending non-stop from one chart topper to party action dance but the thousands of tracks on the hard drive allows any request from the audience to be sourced and played in seconds. During the break for refreshments the hands free radio microphone makes the children's entertainer available to move around the party table making every child balloon models of animals, silly hats or swords etc whilst they tuck into the birthday tea. The children's entertainer provides specialist kiddies disco which can have, on request, bubble blowing machines, smoke machines, lights, karaoke monitor, roadshow trailer stage and generator.

Musical Games

Price includes balloon model prizes for games. The children's entertainer uses party games the children are all familiar with, for example:-

Musical Bumps

Musical Chairs

Musical Statues

Musical Corners

The children's entertainer uses balloon models as prizes for the party games and win or lose everyone gets a balloon model to take home. Should your child have a particular favourite party game let the children's entertainer know in advance if it's not listed above.


The disco play list below is only an example playlist that was used at a two hour birthday party for a five year old.

John Travolta - Greased Lightning
Kylie Minogue - Locomotion
Bee Gees - Night Fever
Chubby Checker - The Twist
Michael Jackson - Thriller
Rocky Horror Show - Time Warp
Steps - Tragedy
Village People - YMCA
Gap Band - Oops Upside Your Head
Sweet Wig - Wam Bam
Black Lace - Do The Conga
Nigel & Marvin - Follow The Leader
Black Lace - I Am The Music Man
Black Lace - Superman
1910 Fruitgum Company - Simple Simon Says
Tweets - Birdy Song
Los Del Rio - Macarena
DJ Casper - Cha Cha Slide
Fastfood Rockers - Fast Food Song
S Club 7 - Reach
Rednex Cotton - Eye Joe
Ray Charles - Shake Your Tail Feather
Bad Manners - Can Can
Asereje - Ketchup
Toy Dolls - Nellie The Elephant
DJ Otzi - Hey Baby
Right Said - Fred Deeply Dippy
Black Lace - Hands Up
Little Richard - Purple People Eater
Rolf Harris - Court of King Caractacus
Bob The Builder - Big Fish Little Fish
Black Lace - Hokey Cokey

If the above selection of songs is missing any of the birthday child's favourites just let the children's entertainer know before the party and they will be played too.

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