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Welcome to the circus workshop section of the children's entertainer's website, the ideal spot to learn about and hire a circus skills workshop for every style of activity.

The children's entertainer provides a hands on participation studio and demonstration where children learn the skills of devil sticks, diablo, juggling, plate spinning, stilt walking, hoola hoops, skipping, wheelie wheels, fun wheels, pogo stickans, poi ball spinning. The comedy car is available to finish the circus theme party. Additionally we can provide sets of juggling balls at £1 a set for your party guests to take home in a party bag complete with instructions.

The children's entertainer's circus workshop is fun as well as being educational and a focal point mixing people with a range of experience from different ages, a broad social set and mixed ability. I can cater for absolute beginners to advanced jugglers who wish to enhance their skills.

Pop in circus workshop.
A workshop teaching circus skills can be arranged in a style that is right for any occasion. That is to say, a scout pack or team building session could have a timetabled workshop allotting a set period on each individual circus skills. Where as in a shopping centre or family fun day the circus workshop is more often a pop in and have a go arrangement allowing people to chose what they do and how long they do it for. The pop in circus workshop is an excellent draw at an agricultural show or garden fete and never fails to be a favourite. At a pop in circus skills workshop the children's entertainer tends to outline a pitch with posts and bunting, enabling the circus workshop to remain in a single spot for health and safety reasons, as well as giving the children's entertainer a better chance at keeping an eye on what is happening.

Circus skills workshop examples:
Two hour party divided into spots of about fifteen minutes each for four separate circus skills such as diablo, juggling, plate spinning and stilt walking before birthday tea refreshments then hoola hoops, wheelie wheels and fun wheels.

School hands-on tutorial session similar to the previous example but no refreshment break lends to an additional slot to close the circus workshop with the opportunity for the children to pick whatever they want.

Shorter workshop focusing on a solo item often used for Corporate Team Building Pop In Circus Workshop. Participants come and go trying every different circus skill they want. This style circus participation studio favoured at family fun days and agricultural shows.

At circus skill workshops in schools (formal/regimental settings) rather than the pop in style (shopping centres, garden fete environment) the children's entertainer runs through an in depth yet light hearted demonstration of every circus skill prior to the hands on participation followed by one to one teach-in through the course of the circus workshop.

Many occasions would be enhanced by having a stilt walker meeting and greeting the children as they arrive. The children's entertainer could provide juggling double act. For the big bash the children's entertainer can provide a team of circus skills tutors or artists.

Call the childrens entertainer on 0800 3357175 for a quote. We just need to know where you want it, when you want it and how long you want it for.

The children's entertainer have been teaching workshops and performing for over twenty five years, travelling nationally and internationally to perform and teach others the skills. The children's entertainer is an Equity member, has Public Liability insurance to the value of �10m. and holds an enhanced CRB certificate.

Depending on an event's requirements/budget, the children's entertainer can arrive as a stand alone circus skills teacher or is able to provide as many trained staff as required. The children's entertainer is proud at being attired in the correct dress code every time, should that be a bright colourful costume for a festival or evening dress for a black tie affair.

Other Workshops

Badge workshop,

The hands on participation fun of badge making can fill dead spots of an event whilst children wait to have their face painted, for their parents to finish talking to the sales rep, until it's their turn on the inflatable or for everyone to arrive at the party so the magic show and puppet show can start. Every child can be given a the correct size circular piece of paper to draw on. This part of the badge can be pre-printed with company logo or the kid's name prior to the children personalising the badge with colourful designs. Or the kids can look through comics and magazines to select a glossy colour printed picture that can be cut with the rotary cutter on the cutting board provided by the Children's Entertainer for use as artwork of their badges.

Seaside Workshop

Can incorporate many activities such as - rock painting, sand art, postcards coupled with a traditional Punch and Judy show to delight the children and adults alike.

Craft Workshop

Puppet workshop

Children play and learn through the potential of role play and speaking and listening skills coupled with working together through the art of puppetry. Depending on requirements we can other stations and demonstrations in -

finger puppet

glove puppets

string puppets

stick puppets

ultra violet puppets

shadow puppets

ventriloquist puppets

puppet theatres

The children firstwatch a chosen live puppet show to inspire imagination. Then the puppeter reveals the secrets of the manipulation of the puppets asking the children to participate with the stage puppets. Followed by the children creating their own puppets, theatres and scenarios to perform with their peers and to take home to use.

Mask and Magic Workshop

A hands on workshop where budding illusionists can create simple magic tricks of their own as well as costume accessories like magic wands, capes or hats. Tutored by a magician to improve their performance the children can then join in the magic show at the end.

Knights and Maidens Workshop

Travel back to day of yore, with interactive games dressed in character costume to make their shields and crowns to complete the look. The Haunted Castle puppet show completes the entertainment in the theme.

Recycling Workshop

A new addition to the workshops this year is the recycling theme. It has become imperative to educate our children into recycling doing it through a fun entertaining medium inspires and interests the children. We use packaging to create something useful, for the younger ones we junk to create art models.

Incorporated into this is a fast fun magic show that reinforces the message of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle for the children. Why not involve other children and parents by arranging a toy swap at the same time!

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